Monday, October 27, 2008

Adam and Eve and Partnership

Examine the Adam and Eve story in the Bible. There are several version online, like here. The Adam and Eve story is in the book of Genesis, Chapters 2-3.

There are several Ecojoy issues in the Adam and Eve story.

The time before was the garden of Eden - paradise. There was no shame ( fear) (Genesis 2:25).

After the apple was consumed, fear was introduced (Genesis 3:10). The Old Testament frames the relationship between God and man as God fearing (fear of God introduced in Genesis 22:12)

Marshall McLuhan's theory is that media themselves - not the content they convey - change culture. The Ecojoy extension of McLuhan's theory is that the change wrought by media are due to the way media model interpersonal linkage of heterarchy and hierarchy.

The Bible is one of the major sacred texts that emerged around the world as the medium of the written word emerged. In the Bible, the people who possessed knowledge of writing were referred to with the (sometimes pejorative) term scribe.

Is one of the effects of sacred texts due to the effects of writing?

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