Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ecojoy and Objectivism

The current economic crisis is due in part to a failure of the philosophy of Objectivism to accurately reflect the world.

Alan Greenspan, strongly influenced by Objectivism, now concedes his error on regulation

Ecojoy recognizes we are all linked together. Our individual success has little effect in isolation, but a community working together in harmony benefits everyone.

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john said...

As has been pointed out hundreds of times by alert minds, Greenspan himself and his actions have nothing to do with Objectivism. He chose to take the job of "Dictator of the Economy" that 'John Galt' utterly refused. He chose to sometimes 'over-regulate' sometimes 'under-regulate', which means he was probably a badly performing collectivist. This behavior has nothing to do with Objectivism, which denounces any and all such activity.

Greenspan blamed his failures on Ayn Rand. I am happy to report that the Objectivist community has thoroughly and triumphantly thrown this back in the face of this creature. His entire life is ruined, deservedly so, for betraying his once-brushed-upon acquaintance with Objectivist principles.

Objectivism recognizes that while we are all living on the same planet, we are not linked together; each individual is a separate soul. An individual's success is achieved, at the root, entirely in isolation because a human being cannot power the soul of another, but a society of actuated individuals working together in freedom, the voluntary cooperation found only in Capitalism and volunteer activities, benefits the success of the individuals so motivated.

John Donohue
Pasadena, CA