Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Importance of Now - Every Day is a Gift

My life partner - my wife is Danielle. In 2001, she had a hip replaced. I took time off work (thanks to the Family Medical Leave Act and my employer - the UW-Madison!) and nursed her in our living room. We watched the second plane hit the World Trade Center with our adult son and grandson. We wondered what the future would bring.

In October of that year, I lost my sister Nancy due to leukemia.

In November of '01, Danielle was diagnosed with breast cancer. In '02, she had two lumpectomies, a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

In '04, Danielle had another instance of breast cancer, another lumpectomy and another mastectomy.

Since then, she's had the other hip replaced.

Throughout these times, we've learned we had many true friends, that every day is a gift that we can't take for granted, and the importance of now. Don't put off problems for another day. You don't really know if you'll make it.


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