Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gun Control and Ecojoy

Dr. George Tiller.

Stephen T Johns.

Two killed recently in Madison.

Guns didn't make them safer - guns killed them.

Oh, I know, "guns don't kill people, people kill people".

People with guns killed people.

The philosophy of Ecology of Joy has three parts:
  1. Motivation (what motivates people - joy and fear).
  2. Linkage (how people link between themselves - heterarchical and hierarchical).
  3. Transformation (how media and technology transform people and culture).
Guns are a technology. Guns, by their very presence (even when not being used) transform motivation to fear and interpersonal linkage to hierarchical. They are an eighteenth century technology in the twenty-first century. Guns bring negative value to an Ecology of Joy world.

NOTE: I am not advocating control of guns by government - that would also be hierarchical.

I am advocating control of guns by individual choice. Choose not to have a gun.

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