Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ecojoy, Obama and the Pastor Rick Warren Controversy

There is a controversy about Barack Obama's choice of Pastor Rick Warren to give the Invocation to the Inauguration. And this helps to better understand Ecojoy.

There are many dominator thinkers in the world. We can't change them but we can foster and encourage change. First, establish a heterarchical relationship with the person in question. That means avoiding ranking. Also, avoid binary thinking (blue state/red state, liberal/conservative). Another way of thinking about this is creating a space which people feel safe from personal attacks. Note that a vigorous debate on issues is not a personal attack.

By inviting Pastor Warren to give the Inaugural Invocation, President Elect Obama is establishing a heterarchical relationship with Warren, bringing religious conservatives into a more mainstream discussion. Some on the left (yes, binary thinking on my part) decry Warren's involvement, but true change can't happen if that point of view is ignored.

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