Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Crux of Ecojoy

The crux of Ecojoy, the really important point is that it is not necessary to change peoples' minds, or convince them to be nice. That change will happen effortlessly, automatically, when the relationships between people change from hierarchical to heterarchical. People will hardly be aware it is happening. And the changes in those relationships between people from hierarchical to heterarchical are fostered and encouraged by the Internet.

But remember, the Internet, be it email, blog, instant message, twitter, and so on, is only the connecting pipe. The relationship needs to be between people. That means you and I need to follow through and talk with others. Start by envisioning yourself as the wise, gentle, loving person you are. Then seek out the myths and bust them - but gently. Give people room to grow - don't pin them to the wall.

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