Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What Ecojoy is About

There are so many problems in the world, war, poverty, hunger, injustice. We can change the way the world works by changing the interactions between people. If we find the humanity in everyone we deal with, if we treat the people we interact with on an equal level, the world will change. I call those kinds of relationships partnership, after Riane Eisler's work, and heterarchical

If we can ease the war, poverty, hunger and injustice in the world, we will feel better, and more of the wealth we create can be applied in positive ways. But joy is not just about feeling good. In our current culture, simply feeling good is not seen as practical. We are healthier and more productive when we are joyful. We create more wealth when we are joyful.

And we have some media working in a way that fosters and encourages partnership connections with each other. Electronic communications like the telephone and the Internet, with email, the World Wide Web, blogs, personally produced videos on YouTube, and social networking sites model heterarchical connections with each other. This change is already happening all around us, without our having to do anything to affect it. No groups to join - no money to send.

So we really can change the world by learning about the power of joy as motivation and the value of heterarchical or partnership relations with each other. It seems too simple, too easy.

It isn't easy just to change. We'll have to re-thing how we raise our children, how we live as families, how we deal with crime and punishment, the worlds of work, politics and international relations. The Ecology of Joy philosophy scales well from the personal to the political. It is not naive, it is practical, productive and satisfying.

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